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As from 2012 the news section has been replaced with a blog. A less formal collection of Prawnsoda design and illustration. The blog contains commercial work, experiments and ideas along with photography, paintings and inspiration - a scrapbook as well as news.

Prawnsoda Blog.

Bad Frosty

20 December 2011

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, and I'm looking forward to some exciting projects next year...

Prawnsoda will return on the 9th January 2012.

Oh, and my comic book - Jack's Pike just got a good (and unexpected) review!

Stick Tennis

30 November 2011

New character for an iPhone game. Once the character has been developed she has to be drawn in loads of key poses - a lot of work, but a lot of fun! I'll add it to the news when the game is launched.


15 October 2011

Working on a top secret new character for a popular iPhone game... More when I can say...

16 December 2011

New Stick Cricket game - Super Sixes, now available from the iTunes Store. Click here for details and screen grabs.


27 September 2011

New logo for Harris Sportsmail, the online fishing tackle store. It's all gone a bit fishy on here, but we are working on some non-fishing related projects, more soon...

Jack's Pike Volume 1

31 August 2011

I've just finished compiling my fishing comic strips into a book, Jack's Pike Volume 1. It contains the first 100 cartoons looking at the silly side of fishing. And will be available from Lulu in September...

15 September 2011

Now available from, click here to find out more.

Jack's Pike Volume 1

15 July 2011

The new ultimate edition Lewis 11 disk box set has been developed and will be hitting the shops soon.

And we've been developing some new things for Stick Cricket, sworn to secrecy at the moment but it's exciting stuff... More when I can reveal details...

Hammer House Of Horror

28 June 2011

Hammer House Of Horror is synonymous with terror, suspense and the supernatural. These alternative bedtime stories sparked millions of sleepless nights when originally screened and remain as scary as ever! Thirteen of the original TV moves are being released over 4 DVDs, coming soon.

Arsenal & Liverpool

27 May 2011

Two new season reviews for Arsenal & Liverpool FC this month and a bumper boxed set of Lewis is currently being developed.

Lots more DVD design coming soon...


26 April 2011

Lot's of press advertising for ITV this month and a new logo for the fishing company Harris Sports Mail (which will be appearing in the portfolio soon).

And I spent the Easter break in Amsterdam and Haarlem, I really liked the grafitti and street sticker art and took loads of photos, as well as the obligatory windmill/tulip/bicycle photos!

Arsenal Double Winners

31 March 2011

Celebrating Arsenal's incredible 1970/71 double winning season - 40 years on. Featuring all the twists and turns from their momentous campaign. And packaged in this retro sleeve design, based on the 70's match programmes. Really rather pleased with it!

And I forgot to mention, I did the Christmas tradition of pike fishing.


Lewis Season 5

18 February 2011

DVD design: Lewis Season 5 is currently being developed and should be hitting the shops soon. And a new Arsenal release is also currently being designed and will be released in April.

Very fishy: A new logo / identity is being developed for a fishing tackle company...


Stick Cricket

28 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I've just finished the new illustrations and animation for Stick Cricket's World Cup iPhone game & online game, which will be on their website and the App Store in February. And there are some exciting new projects coming up...


The Tackle Zone

20 December 2010

New logo for a fishing tackle review website, The Tackle Zone. It's rare when I can combine my love of graphics and fishing. And there will be more fishing related graphic design next year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you then...



30 November 2010

One of the more unusual jobs I do is designing tattoos, this is the latest piece to be inked onto someone's arm. The thing I like about designing a tattoo is you know the client really loves it as they are keeping it forever.

And I'm about to start a very exciting (although more conventional) new project... More details to follow...

Shark Fishing

3-19 October 2010

I am off for a couple of weeks shark fishing in Florida and Georgia. I can't guarantee I'll catch a shark (or any other fish) but you can follow the adventure on my blog...

20 October 2010

Back in London now, and I did manage to catch a few sharks!

Arsenal Box Set

15 September 2010

The Ultimate Arsenal box set is finally here, containing the official updated history, the greatest ever goals and Arsenal 49, the complete unbeaten record. More DVDs are currently in production.

I am also in the process of writing and illustrating a comic strip, more when I can spill the beans.

Albert's Memorial

17 August 2010

Albert's Memorial, a film starring David Jason and David Warner, has been produced and will be released soon. More DVDs including the latest Arsenal release are currently being designed...

I couldn't resist the lure of shark fishing, so I've booked my trip and will be hitting the beaches of Florida in October...


28 July 2010

The ultimate edition of Lewis has been produced and the 17 disk box set will be hitting the shops very soon. A new Arsenal release and a film starring David Jason are in production and will be released soon.

About a year ago I made my brother a website, using Blogger, to chart his shark fishing in Florida. And looking at the photos I'm really tempted to go and try to catch a shark...

La Croix Valmer

23 June 2010

Back from a relaxing week in La Croix Valmer, south France.

More DVDs coming soon and I've made a webpage of all the UK Prawnsoda DVDs here.

The Lost Goldfish poster is appearing in more shows on Channel 4, I'll put a note on here when they are broadcast.

Liverpool & Arsenal FC

19 May 2010

The Liverpool FC and the Arsenal FC end of season reviews are complete and will be hitting the shops in the next couple of weeks. The Lewis DVD arrives at the end of the month and is being promoted with an ad campaign in your favourite telly mags.

It was TC's birthday this month, here is the illustration I did for her birthday card.

Basil's new tail!

23 April 2010

As well as DVD design and advertising I also do a lot of illustration and retouching, so when Basil Brush did a photo shoot wearing the wrong tail it was a lot of Photoshopping of fur and hair.

And as I predicted the F1 champion last year I'll have another go - Hamilton for champion? Nothing to do with Prawnsoda Design but hey!


31 March 2010

The latest Lewis instalment is currently being developed along with a collection of DVDs that I can't name yet.

And the spoof Lost Goldfish poster I made and put up around the local area is going to feature on the set of a popular TV comedy show on Channel 4. The only surviving poster is in the window of a local pub, where I still see people debating it's authenticity and photographing it.


25 February 2010

Introducing the brand-new, official Prawnsoda cat - PrawnCat. No, I think she needs a better name, best just stick with Aeko.

Look out for Road Warriors in Afghanistan and Number 10 on DVD this month and some collections of classic films from the 30's, 40's and 50's are coming soon.

Road Warriors

14 January 2010

Happy New Decade! Back in graphic design gear (with the odd snowman building break). The first DVD of 2010 is Road Warriors in Afghanistan. And there will be loads more to follow as well as other exciting projects.

And in what has become a Christmas tradition, I spent part of the break pike fishing.

TC Snow

22 December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It was a year that saw over 100 DVDs produced, countless adverts and the odd website. Prawnsoda will return on the 4th of January.

Hope you have a great Christmas, and I'm looking forward to some exciting projects next year...

New website

27 November 2009

People say that build up to Christmas get earlier each year, for graphic designers it seems to start in September and there are probably a couple more weeks to go.

As well as Christmas advertising we are currently designing and producing a new website for a classic 80's rock band to be launched early next year.

Spider-Man Season 5

20 October 2009

The re-release of New Spider-Man is complete. Season 5, the final season, just landed on my desk. There are more Original Spider-Man and X-Men titles coming very soon.

Busy month with Christmas releases and a large set of re-released films coming to DVD next year, more when I can spill the beans...

Really should have bet on Button winning the F1 (See March news).

Homer Rocks!

10 September 2009

Two football box sets are coming soon, Arsenal Legends & Ultimate Liverpool. And more Marvel® titles are hitting the shops this month with Original Spider-Man and The X-Men.

I won the B3ta image challenge last month, the topic was celebrities made of real world stuff. I made Homer out of some pebbles I found on a beach.


1 August 2009

Loads of DVDs out this month, Lewis the complete collection, Big & Small's second adventure, a new Arsenal Legend and loads of Marvel® Spider-Man and X-Men.

When I do get a couple of hours of spare time I like to go fishing in a local pond, so I've been on Blogger and made a website to chart my progress


7 July 2009

The 200th Prawnsoda DVD is about to hit the shops this month with Marvel's® Spider-Woman...

I should mention that I don't produce the Marvel® sleeves all by myself, I work with top Marvel® illustrators Martin Griffiths, Simon Williams and Joe Rubinstein.


23 June 2009 (Bonjour)

Back from a very relaxing week in the south of France, sunny beaches, good food and interesting bugs!!

Loads of Marvel® stuff coming soon, so here is a mini-site to keep track of all the releases. Arsenal's end of season review is in the shops now which, along with press advertising, is also promoted with a rich-media banner ad campaign.


16 May 2009

Two friends of mine got married today, congratulations Cazza & Andy! Click the thumbnail to see the illustration for their wedding card.

Marvel® stuff is starting to hit the shops with The Fantastic Four™ volumes 1 & 2. Lot's of Spider-Man™ and X-Men™ to follow. And the latest Arsenal release is currently being developed.

Mr Fantastic

22 April 2009

When Liberation Entertainment closed it's doors late last year we had to say goodbye to producing all the re-released Marvel® cartoons... But the rights have been bought by Clear Vision and we are back!

Look out for The Fantastic Four™, Spider-Man™, Silver Surfer™, The X-Men™ and many more coming soon...

Should have bet on Button winning the Grand Prix. Ah well.

Ian Wright

27 March 2009

Working on a top secret re-release of some fantastic cartoon series... but I can't mention any details yet... more when I can spill the beans!

The second of the Arsenal Legends series is launched in early April with Ian Wright, also Lewis Season 3, Alan Davis in The Brief and Big & Small's first DVD hit the shops.

Button for the win in the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday?


2 February 2009

Snow Day!

The re-released Norman Wisdom movies are starting to appear in the shops, 12 were designed in total and will be released throughout the year.

But now it's time to go build a snowman...


1 January 2009 (What hangover?)

Happy New Year!!

Refreshed, relaxed and looking forward to some great projects in 2009. The much antispated Hulk '82 complete series is in the shops now or get it from Amazon while the limited stock lasts.

What is that a photo of? I spent some of the Xmas break pike fishing.


18 December 2008 (Only 7 sleeps 'til Christmas)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Busy month with a large set of DVDs due for release next year, but I'm sworn to secrecy at the moment. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and see you next year...

And there are some Christmas wallpapers here.


5 November 2008 (Bonfire Night)

New website is launched! Have a look around, tons of new stuff added.

Look out for Arsenal's Greatest Goals & Vinnie Jones' Toughest Cops on DVD this month. And also there should be some Incredible Hulk and X-Men DVDs arriving across Europe this month as well...